Virtual High School — A Few Seats Remain for Second Semester

Second semester is just a few weeks away!  Do you need to fill your schedule with another course?  Are you interested in taking a course not offered here at SPHS?  If so, then maybe you should explore VHS online courses.  Virtual High School (VHS) is a great opportunity for students to explore a wide variety of semester and full-year classes that are not offered at South

Portland High School.  Classes are offered over the internet from other high schools all over the country.  Last year South Portland completed courses in Russian, AP Government, Mandarin Chinese, Computer Science, and many more.  A few spots remain for second semester.  Course offerings as well as registration information can be found by navigating to

 You may also see your guidance counselor or Mr. Lamarre ( in Room 305 for help with the registration process.  Act quickly as the VHS semester begins on January 25th.

Riot Rack Item of the Week

As the holidays approach it is a great time to start getting some items for the Riot Rack (our food pantry & clothing closet) .  We are working to send bags of food home on weekends for kids who are in need.  Bags are going to include items like peanut butter, jelly, cereal, bread, beans, and hopefully milk and  juice, after we get into a groove and know about how many bags are needed each weekend.  

In an effort to do this we are going to put out an email that has the item of the week, things that we are needing and if you are shopping and want to pick up an item to donate it would be greatly appreciated, but there is no pressure.  (We have people stop in and ask how they can help so we want to provide opportunities for people to help, but please know it is not expected!)  

This week’s food item of the week is…………… Granola Bars/Snacks! 

If you have any items to donate please bring it to Renee Helmke and she will put it in our closet and our student volunteers will take it upstairs.