SPHS Robotics

Robot arm holding robots word as illustration for robotic concept issues

The SPHS robotics team is competing this weekend at the New England Championships.  If they qualify, they go to national championships in St. Louis.   We are team 58.

Listed below are links for viewing and the times of the matches on Friday ( April 7 ). 

Remember that the times may slip if the event gets behind.


1:49 Match 8

2:52 Match 17

3:34 Match 23

5:01 Match 34


9:50 Match 50

11:07 Match 61

11:49 Match 67

2:52 Match 84

4:09 Match 95

4:58 Match 102


9:56 Match 115

11:27 Match 128

There are 2 video streams

Www.twitch.tv/nefirst_blue and www.twitch.tv/nefirst_red.

Go Riot Crew!!!

Schedule Update

For all students

Wednesday 4/5 – Red B 

Thursday 4/6 – White A

Friday – 4/7 – White B 

On Wednesday, we will not be holding a HomeBase.  We will extend both Block 1 and Block 2, and then run the regular Block 3, and regular Block 4.  All 9th, 10th, and 12th grade students will follow this schedule:

Block 1 – 7:30 to 9:00 (Quick Announcements at 7:30)

Block 2 – 9:05 to 10:30

Block 3 – 10:35 to 12:25 (With regular lunch rotation)

Block 4 – 12:30 to 1:50

For all Juniors

-The SAT and the Science Augmentation are State Assessment that all 3rd year students in Maine are required to complete. 

-Completion of the assessments is a SPHS graduation requirement.

-Juniors that attend PATHS will remain at SPHS for the SAT.

-Students that complete both portions of the assessment, and schedule a junior meeting with guidance counselors will be eligible to apply for Junior Privilege the week after April Vacation.

-Testing locations will be posted in the main lobby.

-Students taking the SAT will report to their testing rooms at 7:30.  

-Cell phones are not allowed in the testing rooms.  Proctors will be collecting cell phones at the start of assessments.

-Students are encouraged to bring a calculator and pencils to school tomorrow.

– The SAT will be completed between 12:20 and 12:30.  Students will then have a separate lunch attend the end of Block 4.