Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences at SPHS

The next parent teacher conference night will be on Thursday, March 2, 2017.

For appointments with your child’s guidance counselor, please call the guidance office directly at: (207) 767-7706.

To book conferences with individual teachers please click on the links below. Please make sure you do not exit the screen before it has finished saving your reservation, or your request will not be saved. You will receive a confirmation email for each booking, if you do not please reach out to the teacher to see if the booking went through. If you need to change or cancel your conference please do so by going back to your email confirmation for each conference booking.


Alvarez-Sotomayor, Nela

Anderson, Peter

Bailey, Sarah  

Barbosa, Carrie

Beausang, Jon  

Braley, Jim

Caswell, Christine  

Clifford, Laurence

Coll, Henry

Connolly, Mary Lou (book directly through email:

Dalton, Emma

Damon, Gregory

Devlin, Paul

Devroy, Gayle (book directly through email:

Diaz, Leeta (book directly through email:

DiBiase, Anthony  

Drake, Sarah

Dyer, Leslie

Eastman, Beth ((book directly through email:

Esten, Margaret

Faline, Kimberly

Fallon-St. Thomas, Peggy

Farrell, Kevin

Ferrante, Tania

Gay, Sarah

Graff, Tasha

Green, Ryan

Gross, Dana

Gwozdz, Elizabeth

Hall, Angelica

Hawkes, Courtney

Hoy, Bryan

Huckaby, Shannon

Hunter, Jerry

Hyland, Tom

Inman, Sheree

Jarrendt, Dara

Kahill, David

Kaplan, Jessica

Kavaliauskas, JB

Keeler, Eleanor

Kennealy, Rose

Keysor, Scott

Kingsbury, Hal

Lamarre, Timothy

Lane, John

Laplante, Cecile

Lowery, Jeffrey

Ludington, Nicolas

MacVane, Hope

Major, Jennifer

Major, Tom

Matoian, Stephen

McNeely, Drew

Miller, Mary (book directly through email:

Milliken, Rick

Owens, Mike

Peterson, Mike

Reardon, Karen  

Rice, Tom

Richman, Sue

Robbie, Devon

Romanow, Rick

Rosenblum, LeeAnn

Sears, Valorie  not available for March 2 conferences. Please email directly at

Siviski, Leah

Skeffington, Craig

Snow, Cory

Snow, Michelle

Soule, Dan

Stalker, Tina – not available for March 2 conferences. Please email directly at

Stefanilo, Britany

Tierney-Trevor, Kara (book directly through email:

Trebilcock, Scott

Wilson, Julie

York, Julie

Zembsch, Linda